2018 in Review

By January 15, 2019News

For RPCS, 2018 was an incredible year—and we think that’s worth celebrating.


This has been a year of incredible growth. RPCS saw the completion of 210 megawatts and 82 projects in 2018, the most in any year of RPCS’s history. In just a few years, RPCS has completed over 550 MW and 260 projects in 27 different states, including a 28MW project in California, a 28MW project in Hawaii, and 57MW site in South Carolina.

For the first time, RPCS broke into the Canadian solar market, completing a site in Ontario this past fall. With a robust solar market emerging from locations like Canada and Minnesota (RPCS completed 20 projects in Minnesota this year), it is becoming increasingly clear that the economics are in favor of trackers—even in the northernmost locales and in the most challenging conditions. We’re always eager to prove the advantages of ground mount solar trackers projects and to further solidify that trackers can be used in many more locations than people expect.

After market hold up in 2017 and early 2018 due to uncertainty surrounding tariffs, RPCS successfully grew its pipeline for 2019, 2020, and 2021 projects. RPCS had a busy year working with portfolio companies, and we’re seeing developers and EPCs lock in their projects much earlier given the high demand that everyone is expecting in the coming year. Many interesting projects are slated to start in early 2019, putting RPCS on schedule for an even more robust year ahead.

RPCS welcomed new staff members to help the company expand further into new regions, while increasing involvement in co-op marketing initiatives and garnering media attention. Three notable achievements this year was the company’s recognition as a Top Solar Contractor  ranking number 18 overall, a Project of the Year nominee for a noteworthy project in California built at an old Chevron refinery, and the company’s recognition as a Top 10 Renewable Energy Services Company, awarded by Energy CIO Insights Magazine.

Nearing the close of our strongest year yet, we are confident in the strength of RPCS in the coming years given our current growth rate in an otherwise dampened market—one that is forecasted to improve significantly as a whole.

As we look forward into 2019 and beyond, we are as committed as ever to advancing the growth of solar energy.