From The Ground Up

Better projects have better foundations.

A well-designed foundation is at the heart of every utility-scale solar project. We are constantly looking for structural solutions that can improve customer project economics. Between our hard-won expertise, our exclusive design software, and our tracker-ready pile inventory, our team is prepared to get the backbone of your project underway.

Beyond the Post

Our suite of smart design tools reduces project costs.

Using precise site topography data collected via drone and exclusive foundation design software, we can analyze a project's layout and provide a slope-adjusted pile point plan that results in lower civil costs and improved accuracy in driving piles.

Beyond the post

Optimized Foundation Designs

Tracker engineering and foundation design are all performed in-house. We are intimately familiar with the tracker’s strengths and abilities and can leverage that knowledge to produce the most efficient foundation for the tracker. Design calculations are signed and sealed for any state where the project is located. And we support the designs through the review process with the owner’s engineer, independent engineer, or AHJ as needed.

Quick Turnaround

Our experienced team is expert at developing designs quickly. We have “been there and done that” and rarely encounter a scenario that cannot be addressed. We know that things change during project development, whether it be the module specification, site boundary, or layout. Our nimble team can quickly pivot and revise foundation designs without holding up the project.

Accurate Proposals and Estimates

Our pile foundation estimates are not based on some generic, one-size-fits-all approximation of possible designs. Our foundation estimates are essentially final designs based on site-specific soil conditions and loads. No surprises between estimate and final design. If a site has challenging soil conditions that could affect foundation installation, we will let you know beforehand so that you can prepare accordingly.

Post-Design Support

Even the best laid plans can encounter a hurdle in the field. We are available throughout the installation process to address unforeseen issues and develop workable solutions to get the project back on track.

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