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The best tracking solution for your site. Every time.

We offer fully engineered single-axis tracking systems from the industry’s top manufacturers: Array Technologies and Nextracker. We are tracker experts, and we are committed to your success with our products from design through commissioning.

More than 90% of new utility-scale solar capacity utilizes a single-axis tracking solution. Let us put the best technology to work on your site.

Making Trackers Work

We thrive on project complexity.

From sites with irregular boundaries and high security to those with undulating terrain and severe snow and wind loads, we've seen it all. No matter how challenging your site, our team will deliver a tracking system that is optimized for performance, value, and constructibility.

Single-Axis Tracking Systems
Our Approach

You get more than metal when you buy a tracking system from us.

Product Selection

Details like environmental conditions, tracker height, parcel shape, and topography (with or without grading) all play a part in determining which tracker offers the most value to any given project. With expertise in the top tracker brands, we're uniquely positioned to evaluate your site's criteria and determine which product is the best fit.

Leveraging our team’s insight and product knowledge prior to the engineering process can reduce time and complexity down the road.

Value Engineering

Fast, precise design engineering is at the heart of every one of our tracker sales. Our team starts with a raw site outline and basic topography data to create a layout and structural set that are optimized for the specific tracking product.

We take pride in our ability to engineer and quote quickly and accurately, optimizing for both performance and cost and providing you with the certainty that you need to keep projects moving.

Kitting & Pre-Assembly

We designed our proprietary tracker row boxes based on lessons learned receiving and building trackers in the field. Our kitting approach moves the process of shaking out tracker material into a controlled warehouse environment and saves time and effort for construction teams.

By pre-assembling, boxing and labeling materials prior to shipment, we reduce exposure to field conditions, streamline construction schedules, and improve installation efficiency.

Distribution & Logistics

We maintain an inventory of tracker material and operate three distribution facilities in order to offer best-in-class lead times and remain highly responsive to shifting project schedules. Our logistics team works to ensure all aspects of project storage, packing, shipping, and delivery are responsive to your project’s needs as it evolves.

Our commitment to solving logistical problems is a core element of our value-added approach. We will provide solutions if and when a complex situation arises with your project.

Additional Support

Our commitment to your success goes beyond our value-added equipment sale

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We supply products from the best in the business

We’ve partnered with the two global leaders in solar tracker technology – Array Technologies and Nextracker – to ensure that we can provide your project with the best available tracking solution. Together, Array and Nextracker are responsible for over 125GW of global solar tracking capacity. We are here to make their proven products work for your site by leveraging our unique engineering, kitting and logistics platform.

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