Stocking & Logistics

Best-in-class lead times with flexibility

We operate three distribution and logistics facilities to ensure best-in-class lead times and to remain flexible to changing project schedules. Our in-house stocking and logistics capabilities allow us to better control material accuracy and delivery schedule, providing unique advantages to our customers. 

With a large stock of components, we can quote, engineer, and deliver orders quickly, giving added levels of predictability, efficiency, and reliability to our customers’ business operations and pipeline. What’s more, we can optimize field delivery methods to simplify receiving and increase the speed of field installation.

Design Flexibility

If you're looking for the best cost and schedule, we can offer an optimized, kitted solution that is fastest to market. If you're considering different modules for your project, our team can quickly assess cost impacts based on design and engineering of different modules. If you're considering difference grading plan options, our team can quickly guide and inform you on the costs of different options.

Schedule Flexibility

• Fastest speed to market
• Holding product until your site is ready
• Tracker and pile inventory for inevitable changes
• Spare parts for last minute completion needs

Working With RP

"Our partnership with RP has been an absolute game-changer for us. Their unwavering commitment to service and ensuring the projects we are involved in become a success is truly remarkable. They consistently go above and beyond, providing us with everything we need and offering prompt, innovative solutions to any of our issues. Working with RP feels like having a dedicated team that shares our vision for service and goes beyond to make it a reality."

Chris Rodriguez Owner, Bronxwood Construction Services
RPCS solar field