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No. 18 Top Solar Contractor
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No. 3 Solar Installation Subcontractor

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RPCS is the distributed utility market’s provider for Array Technologies DuraTrack® HZ v3 single axis tracker projects. As Array’s trusted partner, RPCS provides complete turnkey project design and mechanical installation services for the industry’s proven gold standard in solar tracking solutions. Harnessing energy gains up to 25% higher than fixed tilt systems, the DuraTrack HZ single axis tracker is your choice for quality and reliability at the lowest total fielded cost.

In our first 5 years of partnership, Array and RPCS shipped 2.5 gigawatts of completed single axis tracker projects to the utility scale market. After working with Array to secure an 85% market share of the utility solar market, RPCS began servicing the emerging distributed utility market at the end of 2014. Proven by industry experts to be 300 times less likely to fail in comparison to other single axis trackers, the Array Technologies DuraTrack® HZ V3 product continues to be the industry’s answer for quality. RPCS exclusively focuses on the design and construction of Array’s products at the same level of quality and reliability demanded from the proven gold standard in solar tracking technology .

With over 550 megawatts and 260 projects completed since 2014, RPCS’ deep history and knowledge of the DuraTrack HZ product provides distributed utility customers with a trusted choice for flawless execution of single axis tracker projects. RPCS is working with some of the most respected names in the solar industry, and takes pride in establishing lasting relationships with our partners.  Offering services to projects and partners throughout the nation, our team is dedicated to providing the distributed generation and utility market with the highest quality service and support, and is committed to advancing the growth and future of renewable energy.

We offer an innovative, straightforward approach for integrating trackers into your utility and distributed generation portfolios.
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