The Practices and Synergies of Agrivoltaics


Spring is in full swing, and with it growing conversations about the field of agrivoltaics.

Increased demand for solar has spurred an interest in studying and defining the synergy between combining solar production and agricultural production, like planting crops or grazing animals, on the same land.

The general consensus is that not only does this integration save space, but it offers a number of mutually beneficial results for both the energy and the agriculture spheres as well as the surrounding communities and ecosystem.

Combining solar and agriculture is a promising win-win across a variety of sectors. While still relatively new and inarguably complex, agrivoltaics is being actively researched in an effort to fully understand how integrating the production of agriculture and solar energy can be maximized to favor all players.

Here’s a deeper look at the different practices and synergies of agrivoltaics, and what it means for the future of solar energy, the agricultural industry, and communities at large.

SOLAR POWER + AGRICULTURE: The Practices and Synergies of Agrivoltaics